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“Within you, there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at anytime and be yourself.”

~Herman Hesse

To me, sanctuary is a space that is mine, a place of peace, and tidiness. My current sanctuaries are my studio, and my home. Sanctuary is a space, free of clutter, where I can process everything in my life, be creative, and replenish.

This type of sanctuary is not permanent, though, and is at times, tenuous in nature. For example, I own neither my home, nor my studio. It’s with this thought the realization occurred to me that the space itself really is not a true sanctuary. Yes, I can find sanctuary while in these designated places of peace, and make a sanctuary wherever I set up, but anything can change to take those spaces away from me, at any time.

Peaceful Moment @ K Street
Peaceful Moment @ K Street

It’s with this rather rattling thought, and with a looking inward over a period of time, I’ve discovered another type of sanctuary. My true sanctuary. The sanctuary inside me.

My inner sanctuary is a center of calm. It’s an unshakeable place within me I’m only just learning how to feel, nourish, and tap into when life becomes overwhelming, and also when there is peace. It’s the me that’s always been there, the true me.

I have much work to do in terms of connecting with this inner place of peace, and sense of home, but I did find it. No matter what goes on around me, I can find this "stillness", and be with myself, and be myself in my sanctuary.

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