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Love Part II...

“I think that nothing awakens us to the reality of life so much as a true love.”

           ~Vincent Van Gogh

I’ve written about love before, and will again. From a young age, I’ve contemplated love and it’s many facets. Love and connection with other humans is why we are here, why we exist, why we are alive.

First love, true love, unrequited love. Romantic love is the most beautiful and painful human emotion all at once. We’re vulnerable when we’re in love. Sometimes it happens in an instant and you know the moment you fell in love with someone. Sometimes there’s love at first sight. Sometimes love evolves over time. Friendship into love. Once in love you can never see that person the same way again. You’ll always have strong feelings for them. Once in love that person’s words will always carry weight.

Love is sometimes a joke. One person loves another person who loves someone else, and nobody is getting what they want. Love colors your vision. Love truly can be blind, or blinding. Love blurs the edges of reality, letting the in- love person not see things clearly.

Writing Love...
Writing Love...

It can take mere seconds to fall in love with someone and decades, a lifetime to get over them.

Love is the drug. It can be like an addiction, offering highs and lows. I love love. I’m working to understand love, or at least pay attention to the nuances of love, and the various ways love moves through my life if ultimate understanding is not possible.

Love stops time, and makes time move quicker all at once.

Love. Love. Think about love. Let love in. Let love go. Love yourself more. That’s what I’m working on, and it’s not so simple, Self Love. Loving myself more is a work in progress.

I wrote this awhile ago, and it still stands, Love twists your insides, makes a fool of you, hurts, brings out your inner most nerd & insecurities, leaves you vulnerable, exposed, makes you do crazy things, but where would any of us be without it?

I'm sure I'll be writing more about love.

Read the first companion piece I wrote entitled, you guessed it Love...

Thank you for reading.


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