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To Paint...

The urge to sketch and paint a delightful butter yellow flower bouquet offered to me by a dear friend overcomes, and finally pencil, ink & watercolor are put to paper after months of a painting drought.

"Butter" Sumi Ink & Watercolor on Paper
"Butter" Sumi Ink & Watercolor on Paper

Painting just to paint after months of not creating original artwork feels like a breath of fresh air, awakening the painting desire in me.

I’ve painted along side my students every Thursday in the art class I teach out in Folsom for months, but in-class painting is mainly for demonstration. Often the work I create in class is discarded, repurposed, or painted over. Sometimes little gems emerge and I keep a painting here, and there, but painting just to paint has not happened for months, especially since letting go of my studio last fall.

Even during a creative drought, the creative stream continues to flow in me in the form of writing, and singing. Sometimes painting simply has to take a break.

It’s natural to take breaks at times during an entire painter's life, but it always feels like something is missing. Every artist knows the feeling of times of creative rest, and how exciting it is when the spark of inspiration resurfaces.

Painting just to paint is a beautiful thing, and a return to feelings of why I started painting to begin with.

Released from considering deadlines and sales, and a return to the feeling of painting for the sake of painting feels like a healthy move for me in my painting life.

Happy Painting!


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