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Writing & Me...

Writing rides right alongside painting for me. It always has. I’ve written in journals since I learned to read and write, and painted since I could hold a brush. I’ve forever been a fan of word and image together.

Writing, like painting is how I creatively express myself. I consider myself an Expressionistic Artist. Meaning, I use the paint and words to express the feeling of my subject. I capture the essence of a moment, a scene, an emotion an object evokes, a concept, and express it, sometimes even exaggerate it, in my work.

For writing, I’ll experience a moment, and describe that moment in a distilled, and poetic way. I want the reader to sit in the moment with me, to experience, the colors, smells, sights, sounds, emotions, right along with me. Adding image to go along with the words is more satisfying for me as an artist, and only enriches the experience for the viewer.

I consider the moment that sparks inspiration, as a sketch. The sketch is the skeleton of the piece. Then, the description of the moment is like the painting, a fleshed out version of my experience, expressed in art.

In order for my work to succeed, that is, in order for my work to be more satisfying for me, and the viewer, I need that initial experience, that initial moment of sparked inspiration, then I can build the work around it.

But, that's just me...

Thank you for reading.

Happy Writing!


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