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Still Here...

As I sit in the part sun, part shade of the patio, behind the old garage, behind the house I live in, looking out at the backyard garden I helped make beautiful, I think about change.

A grouping of California Poppies I planted from seed, now grows tall and confident in the garden bed, shifting and moving in the glow of sunlight, and orange-blossom-scented breeze. I watch the poppies shine, and I breathe deep.

Backyard Poppies
Backyard Poppies

Big changes have happened in my life. Change that's brought me to this quiet moment of reflection. Change that's brought fear, pain, loss, adjustment, acceptance. Acceptance of a life I never planned, and with all of it the thought, "I'm still here."

Through major life changes, I'm still painting. Still writing. Still singing. My life still moves forward.

More changes are on the horizon. Changes that will bring decisions, shifts, challenges, sadness, relief, and hopefully I’ll still be here. Painting, writing, singing.

Thank you for following along.



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Love this photograph and the introspective, resilient writing accompanying it!


Thank you for reading and for your kind words! XO, Michelle

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