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How I Collage...

Collage is something I do when I’m feeling creative, but want to relax, and take it easy. A colorful collection of patterned paper, old greeting card clippings, and random paper pieces inspire my Collage work. The Collage element, or “gem” (as in gemstone), as I call it, is selected, cut, and positioned on the paper (usually on watercolor greeting card paper). It’s position is marked, but the piece is not yet glued down.

Collage Greeting Card Process
Collage Greeting Card Process

Across from where the Collage piece will be affixed, I add a simple pencil drawing, usually inspired by nature, based on some of my old sketches, photographs I’ve taken, or various field guides, and books I have in my studio library. The color of the Collage element, shape, and position all dictate the composition of the original drawing.

Liquid black ink is painted over the pencil sketch, then light washes of watercolor and acrylic are added to, again, compliment the colors of the Collage piece. Once everything is dry, the Collage element is glued down with acrylic medium, using a palette knife to spread it on. After a few finishing touches, the work is done!

I usually work on small batches of three greeting cards at a time. I enjoy the fact that even though simple in final appearance, these Collage Greeting Cards take several steps, a variety of fine art tools, and several different medium to complete.

Happy Collage-making!


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