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Creative Energy...

Most artists I know create more than one form of art. Artists paint, make music, dance, sew, write, sing, sculpt, and do so much more to express their creativity. The artist is a channel of creative energy, expressed in multiple avenues of creative expression.

In my own creative practice, during times when I’m not painting (for whatever reason) my creative energy remains, and must flow somewhere. I may end up writing more during non-painting times. Writing prose about revelations experienced in nature that have a deeper meaning in the bigger scheme of life, or writing about my experiences with love, writing a short story, or the writing I do in this humble blog.

Creative Expression, Acrylic Painting
Creative Expression, Acrylic Painting

Singing has become a vital flow source for my creative energy these days. The performer in me has re-awakened from my ice skating days (did you know I was an ice skater?). I desire to find even more outlets for my singing and performing, and relish every moment I spend expressing myself with song.

For me, it’s painting, writing, and singing to express my creative energy.

How do you express your creative energy?

Thank you for reading.



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