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Where I Live...

I paint where I live. As a subject, I mean. I paint what surrounds me.

It may seem obvious to paint what is directly around you, but I never think of it that way when I’m doing it. I simply move somewhere, settle in, and begin to find inspiration in what’s around me.

I’ve lived by the Sacramento River. There, I painted the levee and tree-lined river bend at sunset from my many evening walks.

I’ve lived in Downtown Sacramento. While living Downtown, I painted houses dressed like cakes in colorful garnish, sitting tall, full of history, and life inside, and small corners of the city that usually go unnoticed.

Orange Blossoms East Sacramento
Orange Blossom Burst

Now, I live in East Sacramento. Amidst the neighborhoods are ecosystems of natural beauty. I’m painting these delicate moments of life’s small treasures. I’m painting the complementary colors of a red and green bottle brush bush, the bursting composition of an orange tree in full blossom, the elegance of blue-violet morning glory vines clinging to a long stretch of trellis, and so much more.

Inspiration comes from what’s directly around me. No matter where I live, I find inspiration, and I always find myself painting

where I live.

Happy Painting!


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