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The Spill Series...

The current batch of acrylics on canvas I’m working on are nature-inspired, “spill” paintings. What is a “spill” painting?

The spill painting concept is a composition which "spills" over the surface of the canvas. Each painting expresses a vibrant flash of color, and has a distinct focal point. I also make sure to leave some of the composition flat and open to give the eye a rest when moving across the image. The open space lets some air into the composition, lets the composition breathe.

Bottle Brush Acrylic on Canvas
Bottle Brush Acrylic on Canvas

Each spill is inspired by a moment of importance in my life, even if very small. For example, the moment I came home to my new place and smelled orange blossoms in the air, a white rose bud growing up like a white flag of surrender during a painful time of my life, red berries lining a path on a hike with an old friend, red bottle brush reminding me of my childhood, a leaf holding onto a branch on a hike up on the coast, and many more.

These paintings bring me joy in painting them. Hopefully The Spill Series will bring joy to those who view them, too.

Happy Painting!


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