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Teaching Art, & Me...

I was a reluctant art teacher. Though I love to break things down for people and explain anything I know in an easy-to-understand manner, pretty intense stage fright has forever had it’s grip on me.

For me, teaching started in 2006 in an after school program with a regimented way of drawing and coloring in line drawings. At one point I had a class of 30 young artists ranging from grades 1st - 6th. From these early teaching days, I gained confidence, and students wanting private lessons with me. Private lessons were steady, and eventually I began teaching workshops and classes at various local venues.

Once I had my own studio, I taught many more private lessons to individuals, and taught fine art technique to small groups in the professional studio space, continuing also to teach workshops at other local venues.

Fine Art with Michelle Cordova
Fine Art with Michelle Cordova

What I offer my students is a lifetime of painting experience, countless studio hours, and my full art education from preschool through to my B.A. in Two-Dimensional Art Studio from Sac State. All of that knowledge is broken down to honor each artist at their painting level with the end result of building an artist's love and confidence in their work. I make sure creating fine art is attainable and fun!

I enjoy teaching more now than ever. I still get a rush of nerves right before every class, but I know it’s only because I care. I care that my students have a good time, and learn from me. I care that I do a good job, and give everything I can offer to my students. Teaching Art, and Me have been together a long time, and I’m so very honored to be able to transmit my years of practice to artists of all ages every time I teach.

Happy Painting!


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