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Some Come Easy...

Paintings begin with the spark of inspiration. A slant of a roof, the color of the sky on a particular day, a color combination that catches the eye, a composition seemingly meant to be captured by an artist’s eye, then expressed on a two-dimensional surface.

Some paintings are a struggle, taking more effort to get right. Then again, some come easy.

Paintings that come easy, are not less quality than paintings that take more work. They simply have an easy, natural flow.

Paintings with easy flow, from inspiration, to painting process, to finish, feel different. They feel like something working outside of me, or rather, through me. It’s as if the canvas held the painting in it, and I’m there to bring it out. There is an ebb and flow to a painting that comes easy, a stop and start to the paintings that struggle.

"Surrender" Acrylic on Canvas 6 by 6
"Surrender" Acrylic on Canvas 6 by 6

It's surprising that at this phase in my painting career, some paintings still hold struggle, but they do. Paintings with struggle are the ones to learn from. Learn what not to do next time.

Paintings that have a natural, easy flow feel like a release. Paintings that struggle feel like tension. There’s no telling when I set out to paint something which paintings will be a struggle, and which will come easy.

For every six paintings, I'd say five paintings flow easy, and one takes more patience, and perseverance.

Even when a painting feels like a struggle, the painter must remember that most likely the next one will come flowing smooth, and easy.

That's all.

Thank you for reading & Happy Painting!


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