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Slow & Steady...

I love what I do. I’m in a situation in my life where I’m able to do what I love. Luck has nothing to do with it. I worked hard to be here. I’ve spent years painting, becoming a better painter. Years teaching, becoming a better teacher. I’ve spent years connecting with my fellow Sacramento artists, and my art community in general. Years have been spent promoting myself on this roller coaster that is a career in fine art. There have been so many ups, and so many downs, I’ve lost count. I’m older now, of course, and the roller coaster is more like one of those slow and steady Skunk Trains. Choo! Choo!

A whittling down of anything I find unsatisfying in this business, and a focusing on what fulfills me, has lead to a creative life, fulfilled. That’s not to say I don’t at times feel discouraged, or still have some unmet creative goals. I do. Sometimes, I even feel need to revisit the “why” of why I started this life long journey of being an artist. The answer is, a painter is all I’ve ever been, and all I ever will be.

Michelle Cordova Preschool Painting
Preschool Painting

I began making marks on paper (and walls) as soon as I could hold a crayon. From the beginning, I felt most excited whenever the art portion of class was happening. I took art classes in High School, Jr. College, and then got my degree in two-dimensional art studio (painting) from Sac State. I’ve spent my adulthood becoming the artist I am today. I continue to grow as an artist, improve as a painter. I teach art to new artists to transmit all of the experience I’ve had making art. It's my legacy. It's what I have to leave behind.

Over the many years, I’ve made time for my art. Protected it from fading away. I have support, yes, and that is perhaps where the luck comes in, but the rest is hard work, effort, consistency, passion, love, commitment, and the slow and steady evolution of becoming a professional artist.

Thank you for reading.


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