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Protecting the Art...

Art, specifically painting, is something I’ve done since I could hold a brush. As a little kid I’d use crayon to draw on my parent's living room walls, the clean white surface too much for this young artist to resist.

Art classes throughout all of my schooling kept me satiated in at least one classroom subject. My college degree is in two-dimensional art studio, otherwise known as painting.

Preschool Painting
Preschool Painting

In my adult post-school life, I have made it a priority to protect the art aspect of my life. Meaning, no matter what's gone on in my life, I’ve kept working at my craft throughout the decades since graduating from Sac State in 1997. I've always considered any day job a support to the avocation of my creative business, my painting, and teaching art. I've dedicated a large portion of my life to becoming, and being a professional artist.

As it does, life shifts, offers surprises, changes, adjusts, throws curve balls, however you want to express it. My life has gone directions I could have never imagined. More change, more adjustments, more curve balls are certainly on the horizon, but the one constant in my life is art.

I most likely will need to adjust to a reality where art runs along side something else,

rather than being the main space to put my energy,

but I will always, always be an artist, no matter what that

looks like, and I will always,

always find a way to protect the art.

Thank you for reading.

Happy Painting!


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