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Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a vision. The vision is me, teaching art in a beautiful place. I see it by the ocean on the coast. The building is bright, cheerful, lined with windows for a lovely view, and an abundance of natural light.

Point Arena Pier
Point Arena Pier

This envisioned space is a lively place with a consistent flow of people in and out my door. I paint there, teach there, exhibit there. The space is a studio, a classroom, and a gallery. It’s my space, and people love to spend time there. I have students of all ages walk through my doors. Parents bring their children there, knowing the experience will enrich their children’s lives, and adults come to awaken that creative side within themselves again, and every age in between. In this space, I host art exhibits, studio sales, open studios, hold workshops, classes, intensives, and private lessons. Art is celebrated in this space.

Looking at the whole of this vision, I have everything I need for Michelle Cordova’s School of Art, right now, in my current space. So, o’kay, it may not have the ocean view I envisioned, but it is my sacred creative space.

Michelle Cordova’s School of Art is me, wherever I go, and I’m here, making art, ready to teach you everything I know about making art, so you can enjoy making art, too.

Please, reach out anytime.

Thank you for reading,


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