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Looking Up...

Sometimes there is a linking together of observations, experiences, and revelations, which leads me to an art concept I must explore further.

From painting various city-scapes, finishing a watercolor of a house I was commissioned to paint, and an insight someone had about my work appearing to be from an “upward-looking” perspective, my new “House Portraits” series is born.

“House Portraits” are meant to capture the personality of each structure. I love to think of the life inside the house, and the history of the house itself.

I'm exploring the relationship with the house, and the buildings around it. Finding joy in painting bits of nature to frame and soften the edges the house, power lines to add dynamic tension to the composition, and the sky, which makes a lovely backdrop for everything to rest against. I'm expressing representations of small ecosystems of city life from the perspective of street-level, looking up.

Locke Blue House Portrait Michelle Cordova
Locke Blue Acrylic on Canvas 8 by 8

While out walking, I find myself looking up at all of the striking angles, corners, lines, colors, textures, and designs the city has to offer, for inspiration. I’m noticing new things in my own neighborhood, I might not have noticed if I hadn’t been looking up. I’ve become fascinated by the way the buildings look layered with other buildings, and how the city fits together as a whole.

My goal with this project is to keep the work simple, but to also add the exciting details that make each house unique. Bright colors, reminiscent of Easter eggs, make each painting in my "House Portraits" series a cheerful gift for the viewer’s eye.

Thank you for reading.

Happy Painting!


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