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  • Michelle Cordova

In My Studio...

In my studio, I’ve painted (duh). In my studio, I’ve taught art to many students of all ages, both in-person, and online. In my studio, I’ve meditated, sung, done Yoga, had a Tarot reading, rested, sorted through thoughts, cried, laughed, daydreamed, had a panic attack, watched trains going by, listened to bands play at Two Rivers Cider Co., heard wacky conversations, heard drums beating from somewhere inside the building, watched dragon flies, and birds take a moment of pause on the wire outside my studio window.

In my studio, I’ve half-closed the studio window shades to the bright morning sun, watched clouds form, and float by the studio window, watched sunsets, and closed my studio window shades to the night sky. I’ve taken meetings in my studio, both in-person, and online. I’ve attended Sacramento Valley Chorus rehearsals online, in my studio. I’ve taken virtual singing lessons in my studio. I’ve met with friends, fellow artists, and patrons in my studio.

Studio Time Self Portrait 2021
In My Studio

I’ve dined, cut flowers, watered plants, swept, dusted, hung paintings (duh), re-organized, sorted, tidied, mopped, and cleaned up the results from an unfortunate flood, in my studio. I've taken photographs, read, written, sketched, drawn, cut, pasted, glued, collaged, wrapped, taped, tied, and hammered, in my studio.

My studio was a refuge for me during quarantine, a second place to go to (other than the grocery store). My studio remains a refuge to me. My studio is my friend, my home, my space, my cool fort where all of my cool things are.

Now, I’m opening my studio door. I'm opening to public for Sac Open Studios, for all of you to come, and visit me, in my studio.

Sac Open Studios

4311 Attawa Ave

Sept 11 & 12

10a - 5p

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