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Dedicated Space...

It pains me to be in here now. Even as I’m soaking up every minute I spend in here, in my studio, in my dedicated space, my heart breaks with the pain of impending loss.

I remember the day I moved in to this studio. It was a hot summer day seven years ago. A sunflower grew up out of the scalding pavement in front of the parking space I pulled into in front of the building, full of artist studios, my new second home. I saw the sunflower as a sign that I was on the right path, and I was. This studio has been good to me, good for me.

I’ve worked seven years in this studio. A space to create, a place to house my paintings and supplies with easy access. A space to teach, and display my work. A professional space that validated me as a professional artist, made me feel special as an artist. I never thought I’d be able to have a studio. This studio was a dream come true, and a very big deal for me. Now, letting go of the studio is a very big deal for me, too.

My Studio
My Studio

I won’t write all that I’m losing in letting go of my studio. I can’t. All I know is I’m an artist from birth, until the day I pass from this earth. Dedicated space, or no, I am an artist. Does it really matter where you make art, as long as you are making it?

Thank you to those who have visited my studio, attended my open studios, taken lessons from me in my studio, purchased my work from my studio.

My creative business will continue on, though it will look a little different. The world is my studio now. Maybe things will open up for me. Things already are, as new teaching gigs are in the works.

I will find the positives in this major shift. We’ll have to see what happens next.

Thank you for reading, and for staying with me on this journey.

Happy Painting!


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